When We Started?

Jazztoy was founded at 2015. Initially, we sold products on Amazon and more and more people knew and approve our brand. In order to let more people know the brand of Jazztoy, we decided to build up our official website and promote to people who never heard us and the ones in other coutries.

What is Our Brand values and beliefs?

We have enaged in selling sex toys about 7 years. We obtain thousands of fans and friends who would like to share us with their true experience about using the sex toys. We realize what the customers really need and how to help them to fulfill. After hearing their experience, we deeply realize how significant the sex toys was to their life.

So we reorient our brand values and beliefs. We started to focus on selling the toys which truely are able to bring them better and unknown sexual pleasure. We do a lot of researches and polls before selecting sex toys. So all the sex toys we sell on this site are elaborately selected.

What Can We Give to Our Customers?

We offer premium quality of sex toys and superior customer service. We hired more than 10 customer servants and 1 technical support staff help our customer solve their concern and problems. 30-days return policy and 1-year warranty are provided to help our customer build up their confidence to our brand.