How to choose your masturbation cups?

How to choose your aircraft cups masturbators?

To choose the masturbation cup that suits you, you must first figure out which type you belong to.

Those men with little sexual experience, sensitive and premature ejaculation are not suitable for very stimulating cups, otherwise they will feel tingling, or feel that the aircraft cup is too tight, and they will ejaculate in seconds. Therefore, you should buy the softest and most comfortable one, the stimulation is generally good, and experience the process slowly.

At the same time, exercise your penis slowly to reduce sensitivity. In this process, it is recommended not to watch the porn movies, and then gradually increase the selection of more stimulating aircraft cups after getting used to it. Sex masters who have rich experience in sex and can freely retract can choose aircraft cups with higher stimulation and more characteristics, such as loli version, virgin version, high stimulation version, etc. It is suggested that pocket pussy can also be considered, because pocket pussy is more compact based on imitation of real people, and at the same time can feel the "charm" of different women. At a higher stage, you can try a high-level version, such as some exciting versions with a structure that exceeds that of a real person. This kind of general price is high, and the grainy and mouth-feeling design will be quite exciting.

For example, the telescopic and rotating intelligent voice aircraft cup enhances the contextual experience and at the same time quickly pushes and inserts at a high frequency.


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